Your support can help change lives

The importance of working hand in hand with local businesses and the local community is huge when it comes to reducing unemployment and motivating young people to fight their way into the job market. As a small charity, every penny we receive counts and directly supports delivery of local services to our local community. 

You or your organisation could help us by: 

  • Sponsoring any of our young people or services;
  • Making us your charity of the year;
  • Getting your staff involved with fundraising for us;
  • Providing work experience opportunities;
  • Donating goods or services;
  • Volunteering to help share skills, such as mock interviews or employability skills. 

IAF really values its business supporters, and understands that any relationship needs to be two-way and tailored to the needs and constraints of each individual business. In return for your support we can promote your involvement, offer your staff opportunities to get involved and help you experience the feel good factor of helping others.




will buy a deprived young person appropriate clothes and cover the bus fare for a job interview


one hundred


will support the costs of working with a young person in crisis to learn to read and write beyond a basic level


two hundred fifty


will provide the additional mentoring needed for those young people suffering with their mental health


five hundred


will pay the direct costs of running an outreach project for two months


six thousand


will pay for an employability training programme for 12 young people


twenty thousand


would cover the annual cost of a full-time mentor


For more information please contact Pippa on 07891 529797