Are you aged between 16-26?
Want to get out the house for a couple hours?
Meet new people?
Gain new life skills?
Then join us!

What is Communi-Tea?

We are a group of young people aged between 16-26 that get together for weekly drop in sessions at Mansfield Arena Church every Monday 12-2pm.

Each session has a 30-40 minute talk about something young people may be interested in or would like more information about. The topic varies each week so no two weeks are the same. You're welcome to get involved but it isn't essential, listening is fine too.

In addition to Communi-Tea, once a month we do a Communi-Tea Project. This is where we go out into the community and offer a few hours of our time, such as visiting a care home and chatting/playing games with their residents or walking around town centres and giving food and drinks to the homeless.
We love to give back!

Communi-Tea LINKS Project

Once a year we do a LINKS Community Project which will involve doing up/renovating a shared place within the community. This will be a big project with a HUGE budget so we can really make a difference. Sounds fun right?

1:1 Mentoring

A team of mentors will always be here with us to offer 1:1 support so if the group sessions don't sound like they're for you, you can still drop in and have a chat with them privately.
They'll be more than happy to help with thing such as:

  • CV Building
  • Job Applications
  • Advice and guidance

And more...

If the above isn't enough to persuade you we also have free pool and table tennis, you'd be welcome to just come in and have a few games with a drink and biccie on us (non-alcoholic of course, but don't let that put you off)

We hope to see you soon!