Philippa is a bright 20-year-old but when she first joined us she seemed to have no real direction and had extreme confidence issues, due in part to having no relationship with her immediate family and having a boyfriend who was very controlling in his nature.

About a month after working with IAF, Philippa decided to try and take the control back in her life and signed up for The Prince’s Trust programme. Her boyfriend was not happy about this and they parted company, leaving Philippa in extreme financial difficulties.

During the Prince’s Trust programme, Philippa’s confidence began to really blossom as she found she was an excellent motivator and was able to inspire and encourage others. Philippa was enthusiastic about volunteering and was very proud of the work they did on the community project. Her enthusiasm, determination and ability to encourage and motivate others soon got noticed by The Prince’s Trust staff team and they offered her a two-week work experience with The Prince’s Trust in Doncaster.

The work experience was a real challenge for Philippa as she had to stay in an unfamiliar city but it was worth it as she was offered a full-time position with The Prince’s Trust which will begin in September 2017. Until that time Philippa is looking to relocate to Doncaster and will be volunteering with The Prince’s Trust and completing the Level 3 award in Education and Training. IAF will be supporting her continuing journey and her confidence has simply soared.

Philippa said: “Thank you so much Debbie Fleet for getting me on this course and helping me out when I needed it, and helped in difficult times and just being a friend when I needed one the most.
Just thank you so much. I wouldn't be where I am now if it were not for you guys.”