Graham is 24-years-old and was living in the YMCA hostel, smoking cannabis on a daily basis, and found it hard to motivate himself and get out of bed every day.

Graham showed a keen interest in taking his forklift licence and gaining experience within the warehouse environment so IAF arranged for Graham to begin a traineeship in November 2016 at a local warehousing and recycling project for three days-a-week.

He began his Level 2 warehouse qualification and health and safety within the workplace, he also started to improve his literacy and numeracy over two afternoons a week through a community course provided by West Nottinghamshire College. This kept Graham busy Monday to Friday and got him out of the YMCA every day. Graham managed to raise both his maths and English levels, completed his traineeship, and IAF then arranged for him to take a forklift license course.

Graham gained employment the following week and is now working for KB Installs and looking forward to getting his wheels to work funding so he can look for employment opportunities that are hard to get to. Graham is also looking to move out of the YMCA within the next two weeks.