Virtual Mentoring – our team have started delivering a wide range of remote support. Instead of 1:1 appointments we are supporting young people on the phone, via email, video calls and in IAF online communities. As well as providing holistic support on issues such as mental health, we’re linking young people to key worker jobs, online courses and training opportunities


Communi-Tea is now being delivered as a daily online Zoom chat hosted by IAF staff. During these sessions young people are able to talk about whatever is on their mind, have fun and meet new people. This is a great way of reducing social isolation and staying positive

Youth Can Help is a young person’s group giving a helping hand to the local community in practical ways. Supporting those in need, Youth Can Help is a way for young people to make a positive difference to those around them

U-Turn is a project funded by the Violence Reduction Unit helping Prison Leavers and Offenders get their lives back on track. We’re still delivering 1:1 support as Key Workers