The Inspire and Achieve Foundation (IAF) Privacy Notice; Your data and how it will be used: 

  1. Introduction:

IAF is committed to preserving the privacy of its participants and employees and to complying with relevant Data Protection legislation.  We have a Data Protection regime in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of your personal data. 

  1. IAF may process your personal data because:
  • We need it to provide you with a service you’ve requested.

IAF helps participants overcome personal and employment/education related barriers they may have and provides a bespoke mentoring, activity and training programme designed to help a participant on that journey.  

In order to provide effective mentoring and to help participants progress basic essential information is required (such as name, contact details, date of birth, gender, and qualifications) and then further to this, it is desirable that participants share with their mentors an in-depth level of personal/sensitive data (such as offending behaviour, mental/physical health, substance use, family dynamics, and employment/ educational history).  

Sharing sensitive data is not mandatory but if you don’t provide us with the required personal data, it may be difficult for us to provide the service and help participants progress. 

If another organisation helps us to provide the service, we’ll also make your data available to them. We require all organisations we work with to keep information as safe as we do. 

  • We need the information in order to process your enrolment on a funded programme.

IAF secures funding for its services from a variety of different sources (including Skills Funding Agency and European Union), all of which have differing contract paperwork and technical requirements.  We’ll keep your personal data for a long as the funding contract requires which may be up to 10 years. 

Some funders require us to collect the following data:

  • National Insurance Number,
  • Benefits entitlement,
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexuality
  • Criminal record
  • Employment history

 Some funders require access to this data and we are obliged to make it available to them.  All funders and partners accessing IAF data are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and have responsibilities about how they will store, handle, use and destroy your personal data and all IAFs partner agencies have signed up to a legally binding agreement which includes information on how your data will be collected, accessed, transferred, stored, used and destroyed. 

Each partner agency will only be able to use your data to assist in the delivery of the funded programme you are enrolled on and for no other reason without your prior consent. 

As part of some funding agreements, IAF will need to supply some statistical data to the funders which will include personal data about you. They may also wish to audit the work we are doing with their funding and will have access to your personal information. This will be dealt with confidentially. 

  • We need it to ensure the personal safety of our staff and participants.

IAF is an organisation that works with vulnerable participants in community settings and one to one situations.  In order to ensure the safety of our staff data needs to be collected and shared with designated colleagues around any potential risks that an individual might pose to staff, to themselves, or to other participants. All staff members are trained in safeguarding, lone working and assessing risks.    

  • We need it to identify problems or ways to make the service better for example if there are attacks on our services, or other criminal activity, we may share information with the police. 
  • You’ve asked us to, for example by asking us to make a referral on your behalf to a support agency or asking us to share your CV with an employer. 
  • Sharing information with employers

With your consent, we will share your information with prospective and current employers to further support your progress on the programme. We may share your name, contact details, information on your current circumstances and other relevant information to assist with your job applications, to discuss and review your progress in work and to check the employment details we hold for you are correct. 

  • Sharing information with training providers and specialist support agencies

We may also refer you to other training organisations or specialist support agencies, for which we share only the minimum amount of personal information necessary for the purpose of making the referral. 


  1. Your Rights:

You have the right to see or amend the personal information that IAF holds in relation to you. You should write to Matt Hunt, IAF’s Data Protection Officer to request sight of the information we hold (called a Subject Access Request) vie email at or post it to IAF at 39d Stockwell Gate, Mansfield, Notts, NG18 1LA.

You have the right to withdraw your agreement to the provision and sharing of your personal information at any time. Please do remember though, that information will only be shared as discussed above, and that withdrawing your consent may mean that IAF is unable to continue to assist you. 

If you are concerned that your personal information has been misused, lost or damaged or that unauthorised people have accessed it, you have the right to complain and ask for your complaint to be investigated. You can complain to the Director at IAF or to the Information Commissioners Office. 


  1. Storage, Retention and Deletion:

 Under the terms of the Agreements referred to above, IAF will retain your information until the end of the programme of support and then store, retain or delete data in accordance with the funder contract terms and conditions. 

Whilst your information is held there are strict controls on how the information is secured. Information is stored in a secure manner within IAF and only those members of staff who need sight of the information in order to deliver the project will have access to it. Where possible, all information will be stored electronically rather than in paper format.