Our Projects

We have a seamless approach that includes a series of stages and support mechanisms to help young people all the way through their journey into employment or education. We join up the dots for young people so they do not lose their way or have a crisis of confidence jumping from one dot to the next. Many of the young people we work with have a complete lack of consistency in their lives and do not have a responsible adult who is able or willing to support them on their journey. We become their professional friends; we are there when they need us, we listen, and we are patient.

We also recognise that some young people have issues that we cannot solve, and that they may find their transition difficult. For that reason, even when a young person re-enters mainstream education or employment, we still offer support and guidance where needed. We provide some continuity of care, track their progression, and help them in a crisis.


Engage programmes are all about reaching out and finding young people in need, capturing their interest, and gaining their trust and respect. Our engage programmes run from community venues for a few hours each week: IMPACT: non-contact boxing STRIKE: indoor/5-a-side football


IAF provides support and guidance to overcome and address any barriers to progression that the young person may have. Depending on the needs and wishes of the young person this bespoke mentoring support is provided either in an informal setting through the ENGAGE programme, or via more formal mentoring support sessions.

IAF support under this programme helps young people to manage any issues and barriers they have so that they are in a positive mental position to move forward in their lives. IAF also provides more practical based support such as accessing local hostels, food banks, seeking addiction support, and finding childcare solutions etc. Until young people and their children are safe, sheltered, fed, clothed, and free from addiction they will be unable to focus on finding work.


IAF provides training courses solely designed to improve motivation, confidence, and employability skills in unemployed young people:

MOTIVATE!: A two-week motivation and confidence building course including job search skills and support.

WORK IN FOCUS: A two-week training course on employer expectations in the workplace. How to be successful at interview, how to communicate and present with employers, and how to manage the transition into work.

ACCELERATE!: A six-week training course for those young people who need intensive support on their journey into work, and need to spend time focussing on attitude, behaviour and confidence. A motivational and confidence building course with an employability skills and teambuilding focus.

PRINCE’S TRUST TEAM PROGRAMME: A 12-week personal development programme, helping young people to develop their confidence, motivation and skills through teamwork in the community.


IAF uses its mentors to provide intensive and bespoke employment skills and job search support. A hands-on approach to helping young people write a CV, search for jobs, apply for jobs, and prepare for interview/employment/education. Some funding is also available to access non-statutory training, support and equipment that helps a young person move towards work.


The IAF team work closely with local job agencies, alternative providers, local charities and their own business supporters to access suitable work experience and volunteering opportunities for young people.


IAF continues to support young people in work where needed: helping them solve problems that arise, giving budgeting and benefits guidance, helping purchase uniforms where needed, and helping access and fund childcare.

Business and community engagement is encouraged throughout all IAF activities and many of our business supporters are involved with our training courses.