Sarah’s 100km Sahara Trek


Bless her… she’s going to trek 100km across the Sahara just for us!... Surely that’s worthy of some support for her dedication and determination!?

Sarah’s Story:

"I'm not a sporty type, nor am I outdoorsy, practical or brave. I'm definitely not an obvious person to be walking 100km across the Sahara Desert with a couple of camels, a small group of strangers and no mascara.

Signing up for this adventure is the result of a number of converging factors:

1. Spending time with some amazingly determined young people who’ve thrived with the charity’s support, despite the enormous challenges their daily lives present.

2. An extended period of dithering with regards to settling on an appropriate method to mark my 40th birthday (a few days after I return from the desert).

3. An accidental, over-caffeinated bout of enthusiasm.

I’ve completed a number of marathons in the past, but seeing no reason to exercise unless there’s promise of applause and a medal, I haven’t broken a sweat this decade, so the training begins... I’ve even bought my first ever pair of walking boots and an Indiana Jones hat.

If you could manage it, I would be eternally grateful if you could bung a few quid in my direction. Whatever you can spare would be received with joy."