Case Studies

Case study: Alex O'Connor

photo of Alex O'Connor

Alex’s experience of secondary education was very negative; his family were forced to move a number of times due to complex circumstances, which impacted severely on his educational performance and behaviour towards staff and other students. Alex wanted a fresh start when leaving school. He had minimal qualifications but his passion for motorcycles shone through.

He was given an opportunity to study on a full-time motor cycle programme at foundation level and was provided with intensive support to change his behaviour, attitude and outlook. With hard work and determination Alex made great progress and matured over his 2 years at college through the Stage 3 programme. The Inspire & Achieve Foundation supported Alex in a range of ways and since January 2013 he has been volunteering and gaining work experience with the charity.

His confidence and work readiness has really grown and it was clear that he was ready to find full-time work. IAF provided IAG, helping him to apply and secure full-time employment: IAF facilitated a tour and interview with a local distribution firm UDG, and Alex is looking forward to starting with them in August.