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Get your business involved

The importance of working hand in hand with local businesses is huge when it comes to reducing unemployment and motivating young people to fight their way into the job market. By getting involved and supporting our work you will change young people’s lives for the better.

IAF really value its business partners, and understands that any relationship needs to be two-way and tailored to the needs and constraints of each individual business. In return for your support we can promote your involvement, offer your staff opportunities to get involved and help you experience the feel good factor of helping others.

There are many ways in which a business can offer support, such as:


Whether it’s a one-off donation or a longer term relationship that you wish to build there are many different things to sponsor:

Becoming a sponsor for one of our programmes could pay for vital resources and really help to give young people the skills and behaviours they need to progress into positive outcomes. You would know that you were helping to reduce anti-social behaviour in the local area and that your company was helping young people into employment or education. Sponsoring these programmes could help pay for teaching materials, teaching professionals, kit, equipment, facility hire, staffing, transport or a graduation event. Programmes can also offer a great way for businesses to get involved with the young people that they are supporting.

Helping us to cover the costs of events that we are hosting is invaluable to us. Whether it’s a fundraising dinner, a sports event that engages with the local community, or a graduation event for our participants, sponsoring events can be a great way to get your logo seen by a wide audience.

Mentoring is a key element of our work across all stages of engagement, and if you sponsored a mentoring package for 1, 5, 100 or 20 people you would know that you were helping to pay for the lifeblood of our work and were providing the continuity and personal support for a handful of young people who desperately need a helping hand.

Of course there is always the option of sponsoring an individual. We can match you up with a young person who is recruited onto one of our programmes and you can follow their progress over time. Sponsorship would pay for their activity and mentoring with IAF, and if you have access to relevant opportunities maybe your staff team can help us find suitable progression routes for this young person when they are ready for work.

And last but not least you can pretty much sponsor whatever you like from our running costs, from the cost of producing marketing, to salaries, to financial management… if you have a theme then we are happy to oblige!

Work experience opportunities

Help our participants learn, progress and gain first-hand experience of the working world. If your parents never worked, and your grandparents never worked then why would you know what it’s like to work? Why would you know that it can be motivating, rewarding, and help boost self-esteem?

Our participants are of mixed ability and have different issues they have had to deal with in life. We will support you and help find suitable participants who can benefit from and take seriously any opportunity you are kind enough to provide. Having work experience on a CV can make all the difference to actually gaining employment. Most of the young people we work with suffer from low self-esteem and confidence issues – meaning they fear the unknown. But by providing supported work experience, we are breaking this cycle and helping them progress.

In-kind support

IAF welcomes any support you can offer with regards to providing kit, equipment, pitches, venue space, vehicles etc. We also have a small staff team so any pro-bono support that can be offered will be welcome!

Encouraging employees to get involved with charity work during work hours has been shown to really improve motivation, profitability and teamwork. Business In the Community are great advocates of this approach. There are many ways in which your employees can get involved and make a real difference; mock interviews, mentoring, CV writing, job searching and motivational speeches are just some of the ways in which they can directly support participants.

IAF are happy to consider opportunities to work together to improve the local community and give something back. Would you like a charity partner to help with the clean-up of graffiti, or paint a community venue? We positively encourage our participants to help and realise the disruption that anti-social behaviour can cause.

Prizes and tickets

One of our main sources of income is hosting fundraising events and dinners. If you are able to support our events by providing prizes, buying tickets or tables, or by passing on the invite to others who might be interested then we would be very grateful.

Charity of the year and staff fundraising

Does your company run a Charity of the Year scheme? If so we would love to apply!

Do any of your employees want to run a marathon, climb a mountain or hold a cake sale? If so it would be an honour if you did it for IAF and we would help promote their actions through our website and social media.

Employment Links

Possibly the most valuable way that your business can help young people transform their lives for the better is by considering them and giving them an interview for any job opportunities that arise. We aren’t asking you to employ people who will be a liability or not good enough, we are just asking you to consider giving one of our Stage 2 graduates an opportunity to prove they are good enough. We work with any potential employers around expected behaviours, timekeeping, respect and attitude to ensure that they are ready for work, and depending on your wishes we could look at putting them through a work trial so that you could see them in action before you commit to any employment. We will support the young person in their first few months of employment and will be on hand for the employer or employee.

If you think you might be able to support our work in any way then we would love to hear from you. Please contact Pippa Carter.